Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Grateful for work

So this is inspired by this week's journaleer homework, but I will write a proper entry at the weekend:

I have been a bit absent during November from LJ and that's mostly because of work. At the end of October my boss asked me whether I wanted to be the Project Manager for a huge, year long project which is taking place here and abroad. High profile, political, but exciting - the sort of project which scares the pants off you, but you can't say no to! So I said yes. We will see whether this was a good decision in the fullness of time :-)

The last couple of weeks have been really busy and I'm really working hard to figure out my role and responsibilities because the project boundaries are still a little fuzzy. To be honest I've also been feeling a bit stressed and I REALLY do not want to turn into the London / workaholic / stress-bunny that I was a few years ago. Anyway I'm hoping that I can get a grip of my life today and over the weekend and start again next week. The run up to Christmas is also really busy at work, so I'm hoping that everything will run smoothly.

But I really wanted to say in this rambling journal, is that I'm grateful for my work. All things considered, I really like my job and my life here. I love my walk to work snd I am always inspired by the view from my window. I am really excited about this project and I like the fact that I now have my own work and am totally settled in the team. I am grateful that my German is up to speed and most of all I am grateful that I am building relationships and networks at work. I realised this yesterday when I had a whole stream of phone calls and emails about one particular project and was able to sort things out, mostly because I have a relationship with the players involved. And I am grateful that I have a better quality of life here than in London and that my work-life balance is "mostly" better balanced :-)
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