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Small Pleasures (from Dilbert Man)....

Here are my favourites from his list --->

The great thing about recovering from the flu is rediscovering all the small pleasures I had taken for granted. For example, I love standing in the shower after all the cleaning is done, just rocking back and forth while the warm water massages my neck and shoulders. It doesn’t last long. The world is calling. But for those two minutes, bliss.

After several days of doctor-ordered bland food, I experienced “flavor” yesterday as if for the first time. “SWEET BABY JESUS, WHAT PLANET DID THIS PICKLE COME FROM?!!!!”

I love the feeling when the last bill in the pile is paid and my desk is empty. Clean desk, clean mind. The feeling only lasts until the next day’s mail. But I’m gazing at a clean desk right now and it’s glorious.

I love it when my cat invites me for some quality time by lying on his back with his back legs splayed apart and his front paws on his chest. I know he’s trying to use his eyes like tractor-beams to draw me in. It always works.

Read on for his complete list!

What do you count as your small pleasures?

Here is my list of my 100 favourite things on 43things.com (in progress!)

1 Reading a good book, curled up on sofa, with a nice cup of tea
2 Going for a walk early in the morning, when the day's still young and fresh
3 The bright yellowness of daffodils
4 Listening, really listening to a favourite CD
5 Large glass of mellow red wine
6 Painting my nails (or someone else's)
7 The smell of lily-in-the-valley
8 Purple ink for my fountain pen
9 Lighting a candle
10 The purple haze of bluebells in the wood (& knowing that my Birthday’s coming!)
11 Listening to the roar of the salty sea
12 Talking on the phone with a loved one
13 The sound of wood pigeons (because Summer's on the way!)
14 Swimming in the lake (Zuerichsee)
15 Practising juggling and passing routines with my sister, and laughing hysterically at our ineptitude.
16 Bookcrossing - registering books, writing journals, creating labels, sending PMs, receiving books, setting up bookrings, finding books - ooh, everything :-)
17 Having a long, hot soak in the bath (plus book and glass of wine)
18 The HHGG theme tune
19 Trying out a new recipe which works :-)
20 Weighing myself and finding I've lose weight
21 wearing my blue birkenstock sandals
22 swimming in the Flussbad Unterer Letten
23 Laughing so much that your ribs ache
24 That glowing, righteous feeling when you complete a run or exercise session
25 Heavy summer shows & thunderstorms, when you're safely inside with a book
26 The smell of wild garlic when you walk through woodland
27 Watching the sunset over the Uetliberg
28 A loved one opening a present you've given them
29 Glass of chilled champagne on a summer evening
30 The sound of a brook / mountain creek
31 the smell of wood smoke
32 the smell of basmati rice
33 the feel of a hot shower after a run
34 the fun in creating surprise parcels for friends
35 walking into a bar / cafe and having friends greet you, being pleased to see you!
36 the smell of autumn leaves and the feel as you crunch through them
37 phone calls with exceptional good news in
38 having time and space to write in my moleskin journal with a nice italic pen
39 Skating along the swiss countryside (and not falling arseways!)
40 Getting a handwritten letter (or parcel) in the post
41 Hot chestnuts – eaten whilst walking down Bahnhofstrasse in the cold surrounded by all the Christmas lights
42 The floodlight bridges and churches reflected in the Limmat
43 Thunderstorms, when you’re safely inside with a book
44 Browsing in a good bookshop, esp. when you have money to burn! All those 3 for 2 offers :-)
45 Walking through autumn woodland
46 Sitting in a spa overlooking the mountains after a long walk
47 Sitting on the sofa curled up with A, feeling safe and loved
48 Fitting into a pair of size 12 jeans and feeling d*mn sexy!
49 Having coffee in Parterre with KatColorado
50 Sitting by the Zuerichsee and watching the evening arrive
51 The smell of Christmas cake simmering in irish whiskey
52 Long gossipy transatlantic phone calls
53 Hearing A. whistle as he irons his clothes
54 Customising my LiveJournal page and getting it “just right”
55 Stepping on the scales and losing weight
56 White soft bread with butter and homemade strawberry jam
57 Getting out of work clothes and makeup and slobbing in jeans
58 Reading in the kitchen, watching the world go by outside!
59 Finishing a journaleer’s homework and getting comments :-)
60 Receiving secret Teabags in the post !
61 Getting my back scrubbed in the bath
62 Going to the laundry room and finding that the washing machine is free
63 Laughing on the phone with my sister
64 Walking to work along the Sihl river
65 Smelling autumn in the air
66 Putting a new cartridge in my fountain pen and writing with flowing ink
67 Watching the sun set behind the Uetliberg as I sit at my desk
68 Getting compliments on my German
69 Being invite to lunch by a colleague
70 Smelling incense (and therefore relaxing) as I walk into the yoga studio
71. Running 5k in less than 30 minutes
72. Laughing so hard that I start crying!
73. Putting clean bedclothes on the bed
74. Getting all the laundry done
75. Getting all the ironing done
76. Coming home and seeing the lights on, knowing that someone is there to welcome me home
77. Sending a friend a handwritten letter
78. Getting a massage from mr.ncot
79. Riding my bike to work
80. When the painkillers finally kick in and I can sleep
81. Having a clean, clear desk - no pending tasks, bills to pay, or money to reconcile!
82. Having a clean, clear virtual life - lj up to date, photos on flickr done, 43 goals updated and www.helenpalmer.co.uk complete.
83. Having a meaningful, unplanned conversation with mr.ncot
84. Finding just the right userpic for livejournal!
85. Getting comments on my livejournal blog
86. Having a clear filing cabinet
87. Really talking to my Mother, being honest, being open
88. Getting photos of my nephew Drew
89. Taking the right snapshot for the day
90. Finishing the ironing
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