Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

A good day at work ...

After feeling really down and lousy yesterday, I had a really good day at work today!

I had a meeting for the big project I've just started on and it was in English, the first one! The project manager liked my ideas and I felt like I was able to contribute and show my expertise - go me!!

During the rest of the day I ticked lots of things off my list. And more importantly I felt like I belonged and that I was having a GOOD DAY :-) Therefore I have to record it!

Plus each day this week, I've had a "mock" oral german exam with one of my colleagues. They've been giving me really constructive tips about how to improve, plus LOTS of very positive feedback. The end result is that I feel okay about my exam tomorrow.
Tags: deutsch, work

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