Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Saturday, Saturday

I have noticed that since working, Saturdays have become a blur of chores - which in someways is a pain, but it does feel good to know how much you've got done at the end of the day!

- Long soak in the bath, including all those beauty pamperings you never get time for
- Rubbish
- Recycling
- Cleared Fridge
- Cleaned Kitchen (including the dishwasher)
- Cleaned Bathroom
- Reconciled all financial accouints
- Went to Tchibo to return Pillow case
- Then spent lots of money at Tchibo on 2 sets of underwear and a lovely pair of pinstripe trousers for work
- 5 loads of washing (count them!), including towels and bedding
- Ironed all my workshirts for next week
- Bought birthday presents and cards for friends in town (and wrapped them up, ready for posting)
- Went to Coop and stocked up on tights, cleaning stuff (for house) and cleaning stuff for humans
- Bought presents for the nieces (we're visiting next weekend!)
- Made huge ratatouille for supper & watched 2 episodes of CSI!
- Rang friends and family and mostly left messages on answerphones!
- Was rewarded by a quick back massage from mr.ncot

Today I will be mostly slobbing, although we're going to go for a walk up the Uetliberg and I want to finally get to candlelight yoga at 7pm.
Tags: done

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