Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer


Yoga tonight was amazing. I rushed to get there and ran in the door with 2 minutes to spare, which wasn't a good start. But I love the fact that as soon as I lie down and start the breathing exercises and smell the incense, my brain switches into yoga mode! Even though I haven't been for 2 weeks and even though I'm at the end of my period, I had a really good session, worked really hard and sweated buckets - TMI I know, but it is hard work....

My heels "nearly" touched the ground in my downward facing dog, my chatarongas still rock and my warriors are still in the remedial class, but are slowly improving. More importantly I felt in the right place in myself. Oh, and we did headstands, which I love and I got myself up and down without assistance!

I walked home and just really felt very happy about life - I love the way that a good yoga session can make me feel like that. I really appreciate that I've found this yoga class and that it brings me so many benefits.
Tags: yoga
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