Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Good hair day!

Thank you to antof9, rubybluelady, lyzzybee, texaswren & mhchipmunk who all made lovely comments about my photo or my hair in my previous post....

And just for texaswren I have created a hair tag and posted this photo of last week's hair cut

Plus I'm just back from a a lovely evening with katcolorado. It's been ages since we had a "friend's date" :-) We met at 19.30 and went for a walk so that kc could get her picoftheday... Then we had cocktails at the Blue Cherry Bar (tastefully kitsch inside, but serves a lovely bloody mary) and then went to the cinema to see Opal Dreams, which is based on the Pobby and Dingan book by Ben Rice. A beautiful, touching film about childhood, imaginary friends, families and opal mining! Go see it :-)

Tags: films, hair, katcolorado, the arts

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