Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

One of those days at work - feeling blue...

I'm having one of those days at work when you JUST CAN'T BE BOTHERED and you really just should have stayed in bed. There's plenty of things I should be getting on with, but my "get up and go" has "got up and gone" as my Grandma used to say! I'm going to stick it out until 5 then head home. Plus I just can't be ARSED to count calories this week

Nice thing: I'm going to the cinema with katcolorado tonight
Nasty thing: We've just got a HUGE tax bill for 2004 - gulp.... I don't understand the swiss tax system. All I understand is we've paid lots of tax and we still have lots of tax to pay :-(

And here's the photo of the day that my colleague took of me. I look amazingly happy, don't you think? And the shiny nose look is so now!

Tags: hair, work
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