Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 41: The one with the National Holiday

It is getting closer to that time of year, and I hear people talking about Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all of the rest that start showing up.

Now, it is YOUR turn to declare a national holiday! Write a paragraph or two telling us what you would (or would not!) be celebrating on your holiday. When is the holiday? What do people do on this holiday? Do they decorate, dress different, do something special? Can be as zany or as serious as you wish.

My holiday would be called "October Declutter Day" and it would always all on the first Saturday of October:

What happens: People clear out their Summer clothes, take their junk to the scrap yard, clean their cupboards, organise their cellars / attics, make a bonfire in the garden and generally prepare their homes for winter! Ski and winter equipment is found and got ready for action
Dress: Oldest clothes, jeans, skeggy t-shirts. overalls etc
Optional: Inviting the extended family round to give you a hand
Danger Point: Fights between siblings over book and cd collections "That's my CD, I knew you'd "borrowed it"!" etc
Festivities: The fight for first use of the bath, followed by pizza take out and beer
Linked Festival: The Spring Clean (first weekend in April)

PS: In a true postscript, this weekend I have sorted my clothes, reconciled our bank accounts, mr.ncot cleared his bookshelves and we went down to the cellar, but it was so full and scary that we immediately came back upstairs again without doing anything! Part 2 will follow next weekend!
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