Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Saturday, Saturday

Since working, I seem to be very ready to spend my money on a Saturday!

We had a lazy start (I love late breakfasts with mr.ncot on the weekend, we sit, eat, drink and read!) and got all the jobs done (post office, recycling, clearing up etc).

Next stop was Zero-Zero, the second hand CD shop in the Rindermarkt, where we bought 5 Cds, 3 DVDs and 1 Xbox 360 game, all for less than the full price of one new Xbox game :-) Mr.ncot went home and I went to H&M, spending lots of money (but it's all a bargain!) on tshirts, tops, 1 cardigan and 1 grey suit. Oh, and the stripy hat (see previous post!)

We then met up again and went to see a film showing at the Zürich Film Festival - The House is burning. A good, but very depressing film about American Youth.

Back at home I did my 45 min rebounding video, practiced my handstands and headstands against the wall, and am now copying cds onto the laptop and bob, and am cooking supper.

Tomorrow I will be going for a run, revising my German and going to the Candlelight yoga session at PlanetYoga since I left work too late on Friday to get to my normal class. Oh and rationalising my wardrobe (ie chucking out stuff!) To borrow mhchipmunk's phrase, thank you, that is all!

Tags: mr.ncot, treats

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