Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

I've been nanowrimoed....

My 2005 Nanowrimo attempt failed before it started, mostly because i was stressing about my lack of research progress :-) And now Nanowrimo 2006 has arrived. I was doing ok until I was infected by Loeffeli's post! But hey, why have a well paid job and not sneak in a bit of illicit writing :-) And Katcolorado & Tablespoons are here to keep me company.

So here I am! Who else can I add as a buddy? :-)
Edited: hurrah! mhchipmunk, herebedragons, caligula04 and anglersrest have all been added!....

Plus, a new lj icon thanks to twdwrimo

All My User Pics Here!

Nanowrimo 2006 LJ community

Tags: writing

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