Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Bob the baby iPod

Bob iPod Nano Palmer, 23.09.2006, 40g

I am very pleased to announce that Bob (the baby) iPod came into the world today at 10am, delivered by the stork Postman to my letterbox. Thank you to mhchipmunk for christening him with me (via lj comments the other evening!)

He weighs 40g, has an 8GB brain and his vital statistics are 90mm x 40mm x 6.5mm.

Bob is beautiful and now also has lanyard headphones and a silver freitag cover. Hs is being loaded with music as we speak.

To honour the occasion, I have created a new user pic of the engraving on his back!

All My User Pics Here!

Long live Bob!

Bob the baby iPod, originally uploaded by nice_cup_of_tea.

Tags: gadgetgirl, lj, music, treats
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