Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

My competitive streak - I caught 35 men!

katcolorado beat me to this entry, but I think it's time I wrote an update on the Greifenseelauf which we did last Saturday! I was really proud of me and us for several reasons:

We've been training for this for several months
We had clear goals which we set ourselves
- To run the whole course (which we did in fine style)
- To run in under 65 minutes (which we did in 63mins 6secs)
- To overtake at least one of the slowest men, who started 5 minutes ahead of us

I ran even though I was on day one of TOTM (my sister on the phone said "what are you, Ironwoman? Get back to bed!)
I proved that running helps the pain, even if the minute I stopped running all the pain hit back!
I realised I had a very competitive edge when I started searching and capturing my male prey - see above - I got 35 men, one just before the finish line. I would find a target, we would overtake them and then I would point out our next quarry :-) Man no.16 (short, old, long grey beard) fought a bitter battle, drawing near us and nearly overtaking us again, but we pulled ahead, ha ha!!

So here are my results
409 out of 647 overall
112 out of 189 in my category (women in their 30s)
The quickest woman was 39.15 and the slowest woman was 1:34.24
My average speed was 6m 18secs for 1 km

And here are my kilometre splits - pretty consistent until the end! When we saw the finish line, Kat said I should sprint for it. It feel great, I increased my pace, passed 3 men, the crowd were cheering (well not for me I suspect!) and then I realised that the finish line was the other side of the road and was about another 400 metres away - did I feel stupid and did i slow down!! However, nobody overtook me again and I caught one more man up. It felt good to spring :-)

And what I love about racing in Switzerland? The showers, the organisation and the fact that you get your official finish time by text just 30 minutes after finishing!

Our next challenge is the Silversterlauf (8.4km) which is on Dec 10th.

And to top it all off, my new trainers were waiting for me at home!
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