Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Busy Sunday - skating and chamber music!

Today mr.ncot and I went rollerblading with sun_beetle and her fella! It was great. We skated from Kreuzlingen along the Bodensee to Romanhorn where we had chinese for lunch. The weather was dry but grey, but perfect skating weather. I stupidly forgot my camera, so no photographic evidence... We're hoping for some nice sunny autumn weather in Sept and Oct so we can do another trip!!

We then came home, showered and went out to a chamber concert by Ars Amata in the Zunfthaus zur Waag (Guild of the textile merchants).

The concert was good, but not as excellent as I was hoping. The sound of the piano quartet was a bit dull and muted and the viola concerto was quite disappointing. Having said that, it was a lovely summer evening and as we walked towards the guild house we could hear string music drifting down. Plus the setting was amazing. The small "Saal" (room/hall) in the guild house provided just the right "chamber music feel" and you can imagine a similar concert taking place 200 years earlier, just with a slightly differently dressed audience :-) Afterwards there was an apèro and then we actually ate in the guild restaurant. We sat outside and watched the world go past the Münsterhof.

The guild house is amazing - tall, pretty windows and small rooms with wooden panelling, stained glass windows and ceramic stoves in the corner. The earliest records of the building date back to 1315 when the house was bought by a Doctor. The guild (Zunft zur Waag) dates back to 1336 and the Guild was given the house in 1393. The current building was built on the same plot in 1636. The name "Zunfthaus zur Waag" literally means "Guild house of the scales" and it's not known whether the scales reference points back to the trade of the Doctor /Apotheke who first owned the building, or whether the name refers to the position of the guild house - located at the central market scales / weighing place in the Münsterhof of Zürich.
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