Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 34: The Party One

In honor of the party I'm in the middle of planning, it's...
Party Time!

Plan a party! You don't have to actually throw the party, but I want you to plan a fun party of any kind. Maybe it is a refined dinner party for adults. Maybe something funny or silly for kids. Maybe something in between.

The iPod Party...

I'd love to plan an Ipod party in honour of my soon to arrive IPod Nano :-)
Time: Saturday evening, as summer turns into autumn
Guests: all my friends, with a sense of rhythm and a heart of tunes
Location: Our lounge, lots of floor cushions, candles, CDs
Dress Code: Chilled out and comfortable
Food: Comfort food for chilly nights: sausage and mash, toad in the hole, rataouille, garlic bread, banana custard, bread & butter pudding
Drink: Tea :-), red wine, beer, hot whiskeys, mulled wine
The plan: Guests arrive with laptops and Ipods. We mix playlist in advance and take turns at hooking our IPODs up to the speaker system (which I don't have yet :-). We swap playlists. We play "name that tune" and discuss our favourite 80s Rock gods :-)
Invite: Shaped like an IPOD --> (click for details)
Tags: gadgetgirl, journaleers, music, writing
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