Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Feeling a bit fuzzy round the edges!

I'm having a strange day today....

1. My period has been brewing for 2 days and the pain finally woke me at 5am this morning. Didn't get back to sleep until 6/6.30, do decided to go into work late. I've done lots of overtime this week, plus both bosses are away.... Got in at 9.30 and I'm trying to conserve my energy and do as little "real work" as possible, whilst still giving the impression of doing something! Mind you, it's only me and the 2 nice "boys" here today, so they won't rat me out :-)

2. I'm painkiller-ed up to the eyeballs and feeling sick and fuzzy round the edges. The pain is lingering and I can't move around much, but it's bearable. Still think I'll head off early though. Maybe at 4? Then back to bed with a nice cup of tea and two hot water bottles!

3. I've discovered that we have a scanner at work, so I have scanned both my official graduation photos, plus my masters certificate. This means that I can stop abusing katcolorado's scanner! Photos to follow....

4. It's a wonderfully sunny day and the Uetliberg looks beautiful. The light is slightly different, and there's a hint of early Autumn about.

5. I had the thought today that I feel so happy and lucky to be working here, even if the last few weeks have been really busy. I have fab colleagues and team, it's a lovely building and workplace and I'm learning lots of stuff German

6. I like the fact that I can help my colleagues with English. Today I've taught them the structure of the "How many ? does it take to change a light bulb." More examples welcomed..... Oh, and I've just taught them TGIF / TFIF / RTFM :-)
And yesterday I bought a grammar book so I can explain and answer all their questions....

And to end this rambling entry, here's a little cartoon about communication :-) Draw your own conclusions!
Tags: books, health, work

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