Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

My Music Video Choices....

Inspired by thepolliwog I am finally linking you to my music video choices!

Stand and Deliver - Adam and the Ants - 1981
This was the first music video I remember seeing! I was 8 and was really blown away by this video. Now it just looks dated! I was a little bit in love with Adam Ant, actually, make that a lot in love with Adam Ant :-)

Keeping the dream alive - Münchener Freiheit - 1988
I was 15 and had first heard this song (in German) the year before in Hannover, Germany on my first exchange trip there. This song is just great, a really lush 80s over the top sound, which just takes me back to the excitement of living in another country and trying to communicate in another language. I bought the single in German and annoyed my little brother by playing it continously and refusing to translate the words for him :-)

And a recent choice
Sweetest Thing - U2 - 1988
This was my first dance at our wedding. Mr.ncot is from Dublin and one of the first stories he told me (we were on our first or second date in Sheffield, 1995) was about how U2 live in the next village along from him - it's true.... and there was a U2 song playing on the pub's jukebox.
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