Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Wet Weekend in Annecy!

It rained, it poured and then it rained some more! One camper van, 4 adults, 2 energetic children and lots of wetness. We watched DVDs, told stories, painted nails, drank lots of red wine (adults, not the children), visited the Chateau de Menthon and generally had fun. Lots of sun and swimming would have been preferable, but hey! And after all the rain came a stunning rainbow...

Emma and Clare are wonderful and our relationship with them just gets better. Mr.ncot was great with them and we even took them off for the afternoon, without incident. They loved the mobility car (with the magic card which unlocks it!) and were easily distracted by such strange tasks as investigating the contents of Helen's bag, wallet, notebook etc!
Names for the girls: Little Pumpkin, Little Chicken, Sulky bum (Kev's name for Clare)
The girls' name for Alan: Banana Brain!

More photos on flickr

On a related note, I too love Mobility. It's such a great carsharing scheme, with 1000 locations in Zurich. This means there's always one very close. You reserve over the internet, go to the location and use your card to open the car. I picked up the car just across the road from us on Thursday night and we drove about 600km without incident. I'm pleased to say I managed fine driving on the right with a manual gear car. I've driven on the right a lot, but usually with an automatic, which makes it a lot simpler. The only few wibbles I had were at roundabouts. I really *didn't* enjoy driving round them the wrong way :-)
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