Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

My travel plans :-) Especially for katcolorado!

It comes to something, when you need to update your lj so that your nearest and dearest know where you're heading off to next :-) We're making the most of the summer (and the luxury of a second salary) to catch up on lots of overdue weekend visits.

Tomorrow we're off to Annecy (France, just across the border from Switzerland) to see Irene, Kevin, Emma and Clare

We were last there in May 2004 (Photos here) when we stayed in a hotel. This time we're camping next to the family (they have a camper van!) I can't wait, it's going to be such fun :-) We leave here tomorrow evening and will drive to Geneva, where Alan has booked us a hotel. Then we'll drive into France on Friday, stay the weekend, driving back on Monday.

So my preparations are done....
1. I tried to practise pitching the tent (not sensible in a small study!)

2. I packed the presents for the girls (I went a bit mad in the toy store yesterday!) Lots of pink small toys and stationary...

3. I packed the rest of the kit...

...And now it's time for bed... I'll catch up with you all Tuesday, have a lovely weekend!
Tags: annecy, family, travel

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