Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

London weekend (or, the one where I go shopping!)

I had a truly fabulous weekend in London: it was busy, but not stressful; hot, but not sweltering and I managed to fit in some serious retail therapy....

The shopping started even before I left Zurich. I usually don't look at the clothesshops in the airport, but for some reason I went browsing. One shop had lots of Esprit clothes, some of which were reduced. Everything I tried on fitted, so I bought it all :-) Jeans, 2 tshirts, a backless top, a shirt and a dress!

I went to my favourite running shop in London, Run and Become, where I was tempted by two pairs of trainers, but just bought one pair!

Next shop was Oxford Circus and Regent Street, where I bought the Ipod running gadget for
katcolorado, plus I stocked up on cosmetics and stuff in Boots and Virgin View. I also went into Austin Reed where I bought 3 3/4 length work shirts for the price of 3. Hurrah!

In other news.... I had a wonderful lunch with a workmate from DTZ, 2 hours of gossip, wine and pizza. I had a very successful meeting with the Marshall Street Director, who has agreed that I can publish my masters research. I met another London friend and her hubbie for drinks on Saturday evening and managed to go to the local wine bar for a few with my best mate Sal.

On Sunday, my friend Sarah hosted lunch for me and a group of our friends. It was fab to have several hours to catch up with everybody, these bunch are my Wednesday evening family :-) Sarah is emigrating to Australia with her family next week - gulp - bon voyage!

All in all a fab weekend.... roll on the next one - I feel an autumn shopping trip coming on :-)
Tags: friends, london, travel

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