Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Lake Swim - foiled again !

I am gutted… I got to Mythenquai before 6 to find katcolorado as arranged, and whilst we were queueing to pay for our swim across the river, they announced that they were closing the event because the Lake Police couldn’t guarantee our safety in the face of the oncoming thunder and lightning :-( We waited for loeffeli and went for a half hour swim anyway.

As we were leaving the storm started (and it’s still raging)! katcolorado and I went to a brilliant asian / noodle type restaurant on the Langstrasse and had a lovely meal. Got wet walking there, got even wetter getting back home and then found I didn’t have my house keys. Luckily mr.ncot was home early from his evening. So now I’m just trying to dry off – an early night beckons. I am knackered….

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Tags: friends, katcolorado, swimming, zürich

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