Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

An active, inpiring weekend!

I have been inpsired this weekend - I will do a triathlon, next year! On Saturday afternoon I went into Zurich to support my work team of 3 who had entered the Firm triathlon (each member does one leg, ie 1500m swim, 40k cycle, 10k run). It was great, such a good atmosphere and it was good to be cheering people on!

Our team, "Direct Fun"

And then today I went down to Seebad Enge for a swim and passed the iron man triathlon (3.8km swim, 180k cycle & 40k run!!) It was so hot, and they were still running at 5.30pm. I swan in the lake for an hour, in preparation for the Seeüberquerung (1500m Lake swim) which should take place next Weds. And then I sunbathed and read, it was glorious weather.

So now I'm seriously thinking of training for next year. The swimming and running is do-able (a short triathlon is 800m swim, 20k cycle and 7.5k run) but my cycling would need work and I'd need to buy a bike!! There's a Triathlon Club in Zurich and in Britain in 2007 there's a women's only triathlon in Eton (nr.London) in June and the London Triathlon in August. What do you think? I need big goals to aim for!! 2007 here I come...
Tags: running, summer, swimming, triathlon, work, zürich

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