Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

"3 Reasons to Celebrate" Party

To celebrate getting my job, finishing my dissertation and Alan's Birthday (a week early) I had a party at my local bar, Parterre. I had my hair done round the corner in my local hairdressers and had a very successful conversation about it in German - result!!

So, about 15 friends turned up, a really nice mix of expats and real swiss friends :-) The champagne flowed (well okay, Prosecco!) and we sat outside and watched the world go by. By 10.30 we were all hungry and ready for take away curry, but King's Curry had already shut. So instead everyone came round to ours and we ordered pizza whilst the party continued. Even more surprisingly, I only took one photo, I guess because I was too busy enjoying myself :-)

Tags: friends, treats, zürich
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