Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Amsterdam June 9th-12th 2006

Finally, a quick snapshot of our Amsterdam weekend at the start of June! We met up with our best friends, Sal and Amit, Mags and Mano and had a ball! I highly recommend Amsterdam as a weekend destination. The weather was hot and sunny and we got our bearings by going on a canal tour. The architecture is just wonderful. The highlight for me was visiting the Anne Frank Museum. This was such a well-designed, well produced exhibtion of her life and diary, set in the house we she and her family hid. You walked through each room, and read excerpts of her diary and saw relevant photos and videos. It really brought it to life. And more importantly, there was enough space and time for you to reflect on what you'd seen.

I didn't realise that her Father was the one who edited the diaries (she wrote and edited several versions.) He is quoted as saying, that through her diary, he realised and recognised totally hidden depths to her daughter. I think there's a journaleer homework in there somewhere, but I'm not sure yet.

So, fantastic weekend. Good weather, lots of time to gossip, eat and drink, fantastic company and a really good way to celebrate my first week in work !
Tags: friends, travel

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