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Watching the English: Kate Fox

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Kate Fox (an anthropologist) spent time watching and studying “the english” and this book explains her theory on our sometimes bizarre behaviour whilst offering some helpful rules! The book is well written, accessible to the layperson and very funny.

Read it if you want to know the answer to such diverse questions as:
Why do the British love queuing?
What topics can be discussed in a british pub?
What are the rules for getting a round in?
Why do we talk about the weather?
Why do we go for drinks after work?
Why do we get drunk at the Christmas party and photocopy bits of our anatomy?

I can’t recommend this book highly enough! All English people should read it to understand our group behaviour. Anyone who comes into any sort of contact with English people should also read it, if only to understand our little pecadillos! It’s similar to (but funnier than) Beyond Chocolate which does a similar job of explaining the Swiss! Read it and you’ll never watch the english in the same away again!

More info on Kate Fox
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