Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

My NSSUNCON suprise !!


Before, During & After !

Thank you Katie 1980, you really did spoil me !! I got:
Nick Hornby, A long way down
& CD of an interview with Nick Hornby
Nicci Gerard, Solace
Shoe fresheners for my trainers :-)
a postcard
a groovy pen which lits up when you write
a bookmark buddy
some trick dice (for the next time I go gambling)
2 Cococo lollipop sweeties
a green turtle from sea world
a bookcrossing plastic bag
and a HUGE slab of Cadbury's Dairy milk (orange flavour!!)
On the bar it says "More to share" - Ha! Who are they kidding? It's mine, all mine :-)

Hoping that all my BCUK friends are having a WONDERFUL unconvention in Birmingham !

Tags: bxing, friends, treats

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