Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

To do w/c 1st July

- Book Crypt concert
- Email graduation office re picking up tickets dem13@le.ac.uk
- Book Train Tickets
- Update website

- Book Graduation flights
- change Hotel booking Tel: (0116) 254 4773
- place order for IPAQ
- Book end July flights
- Book eyebrow shape michelle.finemore@bluemail.ch
- Book Pedicure @ Scholl 01 251 7778
- Order IPOD online
- LJ entry about CS update and training and apero
- Upload Amsterdam photos into flickr and create mosaic
- LJ entry about Amsterdam
- LJ about yoga
- LJ about party

- Add DVDs and books to Title Trader
- Get dissertation hard bound
Tags: done
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