Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Running at work | 45 minutes (6.8 Km)

My first run at work! I ran with a colleague at lunch time, which was great fun. There are changing rooms and showers and a doorway out the back of the building which leads straight onto the Uetliberg and surrounding area. The weather was overcast but quite humid. We ran up a bit, along a bit, then eventually crossed over the Sihl river and ran back to the office. Time was about 45 minutes and we ran 6.7 kilometres. This colleague has a groovy little gadget which measures the distance. I was running faster than I would normally, because this is a serious runner who clocks up marathons in less than 3 hours :-) But it was good and I managed it. It felt really good to be escaping at lunch time and the showers in the changing rooms were great. Next work running date is Tuesday... and with Katcolorado tomorrow. I am going to get a running routine sorted and I WILL lose weight !!
Tags: running, work
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