Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Today's achievements

- Got up and again got to work by 8am
- Sat in on an Outlook and Intranet training and understood it, even though it was in swiss german
- Had lunch with the team and kept up with the conversation
- My boss was impressed by the minutes I wrote up and I offered to do them for the next couple of meetings and made some suggestions about changes to the format
- Set up my phone and recorded my out of office messages.
- Walked home feeling on top of the world. It feels like I'm really settling in there. And i love the fact that it's such a bit building and I stream in and out with all the other workers. Yes, I know, the honeymoon period will be over at some stage.... !

I have the funniest extension number - the team thinks it sounds like a porn channel number.
26262 but when you say it in German and in the right way, it does sounds a bit dodgy :-)
Tags: work

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