November 13th, 2021


Dear Mum.... preserving memories

Dear Mum

I've just realized that the reason I am now catching up with my blogs and photos, is that I want my boys to have a record of my love for them, a place where all our family memories are safely stored.

You always kept a diary and I know that we found a lot of them and these are now in storage. There's also 50 years of family photos to sort out - the photo albums seemed to stop somewhere in the 80s and after that, we just have hundreds of packets of photos!

I love you,

A day of errands

Today has been a list of errands and jobs around the area!

Markus and I had a meeting at school, whilst Patrick sat in the other classroom and got bonus ipad time :-)

Then I picked up (more) supplies (again) from the apotheke - I swear I'm keeping them in business...
Then picked up new shoes I had ordered, then lunch at Starbucks, then a craft buying trip to McPaperland, our favourite shop round the corner.
Boys spent the rest of the afternoon fashioning lolly pop sticks into flying things, and then flicking them through the flat :-)

Stopping for a break at Starbucks!

Getting craft with lollipop sticks!

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