November 9th, 2021


Getting back into the groove....

Survived my second (half) day back in the office, emails still not read, but still...

Unpacked my hellofresh box for the week, recycled the cardboard, had another nap!

Wrote 2 other blogs today
Resolutions update - November
Book reading and buying bonanza

plus 5 blogs from 2019...
London and Brussels trip
Greifenseelauf with Sal
Wroclaw Week
Bristol Visit
My Birthday

and 2 from 2020...
My Birthday
Walk through the old town

The Book Reading and Book Buying Bonanza!

So the combination of being ill at home, with time on my hands, lead to a month of much reading and book buying in October (and into November!)
I now have an embarrassing ambundance of books on my Kindle :-)

Are we having fun yet? Lucy Mangan
The Last Library: Freya Sampson
What fresh hell is this? Heather Corinna
The reading group: Elizabeth noble
Their finest: Lissa evans
Nine perfect strangers: liane moriarty
Nation: Terry pratchett
Gerta: katerina tuckova
Harriet: jilly cooper
Anxious people: Frederick Ove der LL
The rise and fall of Becky sharp: Sara Manning
My Year of Rest and Relaxation: Ottessa Moshfegh

Bought, to be read sometime! Oops, think I should stop clicking buy :-)
All the Feels: Olivia Dade
Jews Don’t Count: David Baddiel
The Joy of Small Things: Hannah Jane Parkinson
The Beloved Girls: Harriet Evans
The Fair Botanists: Sara Sheridan
Spoiler Alert: Olivia Dade
Through the Language Glass: Guy Deutscher
The Unknown Unknown: Mark Forsyth
The Elements of Eloquence: Mark Forsyth
The Etymologicon: Mark Forsyth
Sunrise by the Sea: Jenny Colgan
The Christmas Bookshop: Jenny Colgan
Burying the Crown: TP Fielden
Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery: Jenny Colgan
The Fell: Sarah Moss
Everyone Is Still Alive: Rentzenbrink Cathy
The Keeper of Stories: Sally Page
Fatal Inheritance: Rachel Rhys
The Promise: Lucy Diamond
The Reading Group: Elizabeth Noble
Not Without You: Harriet Evans
Empireland: Sathnam Sanghera
The Last Library: Freya Sampson
What Fresh Hell Is This?: Heather Corinna
Everything Happens for a Reason: Katie Allen
A Man Called Ove: Fredrik Backman, Henning Koch
Old Sins: Penny Vincenzi
Their Finest: Lissa Evans
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: Mark Manson
Lazy Ways To Make A Living: Abigail Bosanko
The Lamplighters: Emma Stonex
A Narrow Door: Joanne Harris
Women & Power: Professor Mary Beard
Four Thousand Weeks: Oliver Burkeman
The Last Act of Love: Cathy Rentzenbrink
Anxious People: Fredrik Backman
Harriet: Jilly Cooper
The Rise and Fall of Becky Sharp: Sarra Manning

Resolutions - November update

1. Use NOOM for a year to lose weight gradually - have stopped using NOOM, am now using hellofresh to help wtih cooking and shopping. Not lost much, but still thinking about how best to lose weight. No alcohol for 6 weeks!
3. Run each day (or walk / yoga etc): Going well, manage most days to do something and have joined the Migros gym...
3. Blog once a week: This has been very sporadic. Across this year so far, have written 85, plus another 28 blogs from previous years! 113 blogs so far in 2021, so yes, about 2 a week, yay me :-)