November 7th, 2021


Dear Mum... A Fool

Dear Mum

You also had a harder, sometimes spiteful side to you. If you didn't agree with what we were doing, you would sometimes say "Well, you're a fool." I can't lie, that hurt.

But I suspect that this came from your Dad, would did have a very hard, cruel side to him. And I suspect he used this phrase often to you and yours siblings...


On hairy Boys, hairy beary boots & a new bag!

I've spent the weekend feeling a bit better, with some more energy, so doing some errands and getting ready to go back to "school" tomorrow.

Wins of the weekend?
* I was delighted to find a cobbler in Zurich who repaired my favourite winter boots for me! My boys call these my hairy beary boots!

* I also bought this lovely leather bag from which is just the perfect size and shape for being out and about

And tonight was bath and hairwash time and my boys had fun with the hairdryer and finding their styles :-)