November 6th, 2021


Dear Mum.... You and your car

We spent so much time in cars together, yoiu and I. And in fact, with all 3 of us. I can't imagine how many hours of your life were spent shuttling the three of us around - swimming lessons, piano lessons, Guides, Scouts, Saturday morning orchestra, trips to Weston super mare. The list goes on and on.

Your second car was a navy Peugeot 205, diesel. It was small, robust, loud and handled like a tractor. All 3 of us learnt to drive in it. You spent your life in that car, haring through Frenchay adn surrounding areas. You drove as though 3rd gear was a bad thing. All passengers would be screaming in their heads - move out of second! Get in to third!" You would always stop and offer people from the village a lift, regardless of whether it was on your way or not. You never leave home on time, so we'd always be just about on time, or mostly ever so slightly late.

You weren't a bad driver, per se, it's just that your mind was never full on the task at hand, you were always multi-taking and thinking about other things. And you were always chatting away non stop.

Mum, my enduring memory is waiting outside Redcliffe school for you to pick us up. Always late. Then we'd hear that diesel screeching around th corners with classical music (later classic fm) blaring out from the inside. You'd hardly coming to a stop - you'd lean over and fling open the passenger side door and before we were fully in, you'd be off again!

But despite all this, your car was your "office" and your sanctuary - and in your car we felt loved and cared for. Late in life (early - mid 2000s) you trained for and passed your Advanced driving test. I found your notes recently :-)

Love you,