November 5th, 2021


Grateful for.... (51-60)

51. Watching Ted Lasso episodes with Markus
52. The way Patrick will come to me with open arms and come in for a big hug
53. when Markus came to me and said thank you for supper and gave me his awkward one-armed hug!
54. Book recommendations on twitter and an abundance of good books to read on Kindle
55. 99p bargains on Kindle
56. LGBT and L&D book clubs at work
57. The LJ mobile app
58. Good Morning America / Mythic Quest / Good Fight
59. The swiss medical system
60. Safe arrival of Aidan Yusuf Suleyman-Palmer on 02.11.2021


Grateful for.... (61-70)

61. Patrick turning into a bookworm!
62. my moleskine pen working again and keeping a diary
63. My 10 mins yoga practice each morning
64. The Witchy Coven WA group
65. Closer contact with Kate and Chris to look after parents
66. Reading FLOW magazine
67. my massage's at Heart Massage
68. Bath and a podcast
69. Walk and a podcast
70. Pizza Party Kino on a Friday night!