November 4th, 2021


Dear Mum.... A Corner to call our own

Dear Mum

It's strange, but I just realized recently we both have / had a small kitchen spot to call our own and act as the hub of family operations :-) Less "room of your own", more "corner to defend"!

The kitchen/diner at the Anchorage seemed like a big room when we were kids, bu the actual kitchen space wasn't. The breakfast bar was (complete with 4 orange bar stools and an odd one) was just big enough to squeeze 2 adults and 3 small kids around. As we got bigger, I think we had breakfast in shifts! And behind the breakfast bar was the sink area, oven, small fridge, cupboard and overhead cabinet. Your stool, Mum, was squeezed in the very end. Your part of the breakfast bar was shared with the cutlery canteen and the fruit bowl. But somehow you made this spot your own. Your pills in the fruit bowl, always a cup of tea there (normally cold), plus diary, notebook, pen, scraps of notes. You also had piles of paperowork on the worktop by the window. They'd get bigger and bigger and periodically you'd do a big clear out.

I didn't realize I did the same. But I also squeeze myself into the corner of our kitchen. We have 2 bar stools and a tiny ledge. I sit there and watch the world outside go by. The Ikea butcher's block, the whiteboard and the filing cabinet give me sapce for important notes and family information.

We are more alike than I thought!

Love you,