November 3rd, 2021


Dear Mum.... Tea Rituals

Dear Mum

I was making tea today and after I'd drunk it, I swilled the mug and put it back by the kettle. I realized then that I've picked up at least two of your tea habits :-)

1) Try and get everyone in the house to name and claim their mug for all time - failing that on day-to-day basis. This cuts down on washing up - you can just swill and resue. "whose cup is this?" "Was that your cup Helen?"
Alan used to deliberately use a clean mug each time, just to tease you!

2) Calibrate every cup of tea to the correct strength, individually tailored for that tea-drinker. "Is that tea okay for you?" "More milk?"
I look at my cup of tea now and can tell immediately if it needs a tiny splash more to be perfect.

Taking on both your habits / rituals with pride, Mum!

Do you remember this mug, Mum? I remember it as your favourite. Kate now has it in her kitchen :-)

Do you remember this postcard I sent you? It must have been when we first came to Switzerland, so 2004/2005. It reminds me that we were close and we did send postcards and have long chatty phone calls!
I found it in your bedside table when I was clearing the house, this summer. You were using it as a bookmark. I was so touched that you had kept it and were using it.

So I kept it, but then accidentally lent my friend a book with the post card in, but she luckily returned the postcard, with a postcard of her own (which made me cry a little...)

And here's a magnet that used to live in your kitchen. I took it when we clearing up and it's now stuck to the filing cabinet in my kitchen. My boys love it, they think it's funny and it's now one of my lj userpics!

I just wish I could remember that last time we sat down for a cup of tea and a proper natter. But I know we had many in our lives together, so that's okay....


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