November 2nd, 2021


Taking Time to get Well

I've had two operations this October, minor-enough things that I have been putting off for the last couple of years, but this experience has taught me a lot...

Operation no 1 in Triemli (overnight)

Operation on 2 in Zollikerberg (day case)

I was trying to schedule both in the same week, so that I could just have 2 weeks off work, but this didn't quite work out. The second operation has needed 2+ weeks of recovery. I'm week 3 now and still not recovered.
I'm in pain, discomfort, really tired. But I've realized that the world of work has not stopped spinning, my team has kept things moving without me. I am not indispensable and I deserve the time to get well.
And it's interesting that i haven't had time or energy left to worry about work, because I have genuinely felt so horrid. I think this is positive :-)