April 30th, 2020


Lockdown in April

Well, another month done, with all of us at home together. On the good side, we all got down to work and found our rhythm. On the other hand, there are days when it feels as though no-one is happy. It's hard to keep working at the normal pace, it's hard to help the boys keep on top of their school work.

The boys had some virtual sessions, but mostly they worked from materials that been sent. And P taught some lessons to the cuddly toys!

P has been watching nature documentaries and then writing up notes on each animal! The boys and I have been loving "Draw with Rob" - videos showing how to draw different cartoons! we got hooked and we did a lot of drawing! Rob kept us sane :-) And we made rainbows for the windows.

The other source of fun was a augmented reality app. that allows you to place animals in the flat... The tiger came to tea and checked out the fridge. Oh, and we made banana pancakes!

It feels that Spring is just around the corner, let's see what May brings :-)