May 27th, 2019


A rare day off

I think I might have managed the perfect balance today! I took a rare day off and did the following:

- took boys to school
- then got the postbus to Hausen am Albis to pick up a secondhand Bose speaker for my old IPOD - and it sounds fabulous!
- read (Sourcery: Terry Pratchett)
- organized a whole bunch of treats and birthday cards & presents, then took them to the Post Office
- Went to the Dr - my iron levels are non-existent, so back on tablets again
- had a nap
- Changed over my winter clothes to summer clothes
- did some food shopping
- watched "The Crown" and knitted
- made courgette cheese scones
- picked boys up and we went to Sihlcity for a toyshop visit, then on to Vapiano for pizza and pasta with Alan
- read a few work emails
- now off to bed to watch more "Crown"

and hurrah, we have a bank holiday this Thursday. Family bike ride planned!