December 24th, 2018


Over the Christmas Eve Finish Line...

It's been a mad scramble, but I think we're there. Spent the weekend deep cleaning the flat (why, why?) and today was last minute bits of shopping (leg of lamb for tomorrow, the traditional pointsettia) with M, which was really nice. This afternoon we even all made it to the sofa for an afternoon film!

I cooked us a nice chicken evening meal and then Mr.ncot spirited the kids to bed with his magic camomile and honey tea. The placebo effect worked, suprisingly! Then me in kitchen prepping for tomorrow, last batch of mincepices and marzipanning the cake, Mr.ncot doing last minute wrapping. And in between a quick phone call with my sis.

Christmas table, Ready for Santa, Marzipanned mini Christmas cakes

And now I need to have a nice bubbly bath, and then wait to pack the stockings. Both boys still firm believers :-) The excitement in our house cannot be higher... We didn't do the "searching the sky for santa" as in 2015 and 2014, but we did watch this funny cat & christmas decorations film and our Christmas family jib jab film. We're easily amused...