December 3rd, 2018


Conversation we had on our way to school today....

On our walk to school today the boys and I had a fairly typical conversation. We covered the following topics :-)

- Why we dream and why P dreamt about Harry Potter last night
- Finders fees for finding Patrick's "Turnsack" (gym bag) and Markus' gloves
- Why Mummy shouldn't get a finders's fee in the (very likely) event that I find said lost items
- Why crocodile watch straps are wrong
- Why crocodiles are Markus' favourite animal
- Why and how crocodiles do a death roll
- What to have for tea - Spaghetti bolognaise but with tagliatelle
- P said " I probably won't like it, but I'll try"

Going to work after that was a rest in comparison...


Blog List - December 2018

This list now updated and moved here

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