November 18th, 2018


Friends Reunited!

November was a bumper month for catching up with friends!

Saw Beat at ZRH airport, met Andrea for lunch at Borough Market, stayed overnight with Karen in Molesey, then did lunch with Liz in Bristol en route to parents.
I love those friendships that you can pick up after a while, and carry on as if nothing happened...

Liz and I worked together post univeristy in our first "proper jobs"! Andrea and I had babies and small children together in Zurich, Karen is like my big sister and kept me together when I had small babies and children in Zurich, Beat and I worked together for many years.
Yay for friendships!

Top row, Beat & I at ZRH airport, Andrea & I at london Bridget
botton row, Karen & I in Molesy, Liz & I in Bristol