August 8th, 2018

We're on our Staycation!

So it's been decided - we're staying here in Switzerland for our 2 week family holiday. I am half disappointed, half relieved. I'd been too busy to book us a holiday, and left it until the last minute, once i was back from work in Poland. But this weekend and start of week we've done a few trips in Switzerland and had time to chill at home. It feels good and we all need the rest. So far we've done a day in Neuchatel and a day in St Gallen. Today we're at home and off to do cycling and swimming in the lake.

There rest of our 2 weeks will be a combination of rest, doing jobs at home, more day trips (maybe even overnight in Lucarno or Lugano), plus maybe a little spa break for me :-) And i'm booking us a little beach holiday for the October Herbstferien (autumn holidays).

So there it is...