July 22nd, 2018


We made it to the End of Term Finish Line!

It's been a long old summer term. Patrick transferred to the kindergarten this January and seems to have coped fairly well with the transition. We went to the sports day and summer fair, which was lovely, and the class gave their teachers good bye presents. The last day of school was Patrick's 7th Birthday, so he took in cup cakes!
Pat and I went to buy him his school bag - he chose a green one, with dinosaurs. He was very proud!

Markus' class put on a play - Markus was a ghost delivering pizza, don't even ask! But he had fun, so that's okay :-)

These last weeks have been time to slow down, take picture of our gorgeous boys and try to savour the long days and the memories!
And now to look forward to the 5 weeks of summer holidays ...