March 31st, 2018


My 2012 past self was quite wise...

The other day in work, I stumbled across this email that I wrote to myself in 2012, just before returning to work after having Patrick. Wise words indeed. I think I need to keep them in mind....

Dear Me,
You will be fine today, and this first week. Smile at people. Act the way you want to feel.
This job is not necessarily for ever. Learn the new skills that you can - financial management, working with peers, persuasion and negotiation skills
Take time for a healthy lunch and a walk outside
Use the park opposite to run and jump and get some exercise
Enjoy riding your bike to work
Enjoy meeting all your friends again
Breathe, Smile, it's not for ever
I always have a choice :-)
And at the end of the day, I get to go home to my lovely 3 boys...
All things will be well and all manner of things will be well

Warning - My walking, rampaging toddler is grabbing my legs & the newborn babe is wriggling in my arms! Therefore, please excuse the short and sweet email, and any typing errors.
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