March 5th, 2018


Sofa Saga (long post, lots of photos!)

This is the story of our cream, John Lewis, pull out bed sofa. It's a story in 6 chapters :-) (inspired by the lovely Officemum and her post on getting rid of her sofa!)
1. When the old sofa was new
2. Babies on the sofa
3. Guests on the sofa
4. My boys growing up on the sofa
5. Final Day of old sofa
6. The new sofa

1. When the old sofa was new
We asked for vouchers for our wedding gifts (way back when in 2000) and bought our sofa for our London flat. We lived there until 2004, then moved to Zurich. First batch of photos are in london, then Zurich. WE had lots of epic parties, lots of sitting on th sofa!

2. Babies on the Sofa
A few years into life in Zurich, we had Markus in 2009 closely followed by Patrick in 2011. 2 lots of maternity leave, where I spent most of my day on the sofa feeding! Small babies on cushions. Lots of guests. Lots of baby cuddles! Also, lots of wear and tear on the poor sofa. The sofa cushions didn't ever go back to their original colour after being washed with the red throw after an unfortunate baby or toddler toilet accident! But still the sofa soldiered on....

3. Guests on the Sofa
We have been blessed wtih so many guests here in Zurich. Ths sofa has been a bed many times. Lots of guests, lots of friends, lots of book reading on sofa, lots of films, some dressing up, some parties!

4. My Boys growing up on the sofa
It's been the central meeting point in the flat for my boys. In fact, the living room was long since renamed to "The Sofa Room" by Markus! Patrick often fell asleep on it. We snuggled up on it as a family, boys arguing over who got the window seat, or the squidgy spot. But over time, the sofa lost it's support. And it become a bit of a "squash and a squeeze" to get us all on it. We knew we would need to find a replacement. Oh, and there might have been some scribbling done on the back of the sofa! Do you like the Gruffalo and the child on the sofa?

a rare picture of me snuggled on the sofa with the boys.

5. Last Days of the old sofa
So in December we went to IKEA and picked out a new sofa, Lshaped, that would still fit in our small living room. Black leather, easy cleaning :-)
And we said our goodbyes to the old sofa....

6. New Sofa
The nice people from IKEA came and collected the old sofa and delivered the new sofa. I made sure not to be in the flat ...I'm softhearted like that, didn't want to see it dragged away. And now we have a new sofa with plenty of room for all. Here's to the next 17years with this one!

Patrick at 6 years 1 month to 6 years 7 months (months 73-79)

It has been a rollercoaster 6 months for Patrick and us. He has shot up in height, so much so, that Markus and he are mistaken for twins. He's now lost the front 8 teeth and most of them have grown back. He loves his brother, but then provokes him. They fight like cat and dog, but then hug and make up. Patrick wants to be with Markus, but then does't, but then does again.

One on one he is a complete chatterbox and will regale you with the day's derring do's and his view of life, the universe and everthing. He can be really caring and loving and helpful. He enjoys doing guided meditation with Alan and collecting good Karma. He is teaching himself to read and write, since Kindergarten doesn't teach them this stuff yet. We try and find ways to physically wear him out!

He changed Kindergarten just after Christmas - from the private one to the local school based one. So Markus and he are together in the afternoons. We still helping him to settled down. We all need to work on helping him control his anger, which flares up under stress.

Other changes? Boys now have bunk beds and their own space in the bedroom.
Big goal for Patrick? to finally learn to ride his bike. He has never quite got it. Markus learnt at 5, and was riding on his own bike with me to Kindergarten at 5 and a half. Just today Patrick expressed the wish to finally ride on his own, so that we could "ride all together to that farm place to eat" (aka Fork and Bottle!)

Favourite expressions...
Do you still remember when?
I remember that!

Month 79

Months 76-78

Months 73-75

Markus at 8 year, to 8 years & 6 months (Months 96 - 102)

My sensitive, funny, friendly Markus is a deep thinker and a bookworm! He's happy at school, getting to grips with homework and is working hard at German reading and writing. He loves his brother and fights with his brother. Swims like a fish. Is thrilled to have reached Red King in skiing. Plays chess with Alan. Reads Harry Potter with me. And is now the proud owner (finally) of a digipigi!

Month 102

Months 99-101

Months 96-98