February 27th, 2018


8year old is infected...

....with the same bookworm bug that got me as a kid!

It's taken (to my eyes) a long time, but M is now reading books (in German!) by himself. And suddently (to my eyes again) they are proper complicated chapter books and he's jumped a stage. He's just finished one book about a magical kingdom overrun wtih magical beasts gone bad, and is now stuck into a football story. Reading in english will take a bit longer!

And we are into the last 2 chapters of Harry Potter no 4. We've been reading it together (okay, i've been reading it outloud, we've then been discussing the vocabulary, characters, plot points) since Christmas. The tension in the house is almost unbearable! It will be finished tomorrow and then at the weekend, he gets to watch the film, just him and me.

However stressy my day, it always gets better when I sit together with him, snuggled up on the bed, reading together! and I remember that this is a special part of his childhood, and he won't always want to sit with me and read.