February 25th, 2018


Connection, not Perfection

The blog title has been borrowed from a livejournal friend Jabberworks, who recently gave a fantastic TedxWhitehall talk entitled "How to grow, by embracing our mistakes" - on failure, perfection and drawing. It's well worth a watch, click here! Her main point is that through art we connect, that's the important thing - the art itself doesn't have to be perfect. It's more important to keep working consistently and improving!

One of her habits is to do a daily sketch, however busy she is.... I want to get back to blogging daily, however short the post! I did this in 2008 (admittedly pre kids), but I know that I enjoy writing, I certainly get a lot of pleasure re-reading my writing, and I know that getting into this habit helps me feel grounded and helps me make sense of my life.

So, a daily blog it is. Even if it's only a quote and a picture! Or my daily snapshots and my thoughts. I remind myself of the bigger patchwork picture I'm building over time with the blog. One of my first (and favourite blog posts) talks about this patchwork idea.

To help me along, I've listed out all the missing blogs I wanted to write from the last 6 months, only 20 to do! Will add the links as I complete them.

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Ski-ing, Self Confidence and the Spa

I learnt a lot this week. It was the second week of the Sportferien. We decided this year not to go away for a ski week in the mountains but to do a ski camp for the kids closer to home - at Brunni Alpthal. This small ski area is great - perfect for kids and beginners. A few blue and red runs, about 45 mins drive from Zurich. We went there twice on a weekend in Jan / Feb and the boys and I got a private lesson each to warm up and remind ourselves that we could ski! I was very apprehensive - I didn't ski last year, did a bit the two previous years and before that, it was 25 years ago! I was proud of myself for doing it anyway and had the nicest teacher. She was so empathetic, gave me confidence and pronounced me at Red Queen level!

My other apprehension was driving alone with the kids in a rental car, back and forth 3 times. I have no issues driving alone and am a good driver, it was suddenly the fear of driving up into the mountains, alone with the kids, without my navigator mr.ncot! But actually, it was fine. The kids had a brilliant 3 days skicamp - learnt loads and passed their levels - Markus is now a Red King (ie has overtaken me) and Patrick is a Blue King. I practised during the 3 days and now feel inspired to keep learning and improving. It reminded me that learning something new, and/or improving a skill is hard work and it can dent your self esteem. But it feels good once you see the progress you're making - however slow or small!

On Monday we also took Chris, Tamsin and Drew with us - and cousin Drew (10) had his first lesson snow - and loved it. Afterwards there was some epic tobagonning! Photos below...

And again I've learnt how much I gain from spending a night away, by myself, talking to no-one! my introverted self loves it. I think my thoughts, write my notes, hide in the steam rooms and snooze on the water beds. And come home renewed.