November 4th, 2017


Blogs & Choppy Bobs

I couldn't decide whether it had been longer since my last hair cut & colour (july 8th) or my last blog (Aug 19th), but then I checked and the hair has been neglected longest.

So ... I am happy with my hair. It feels lighter and the colour is lovely - my colour, only better! Those few pesky grey hairs have been eradicated, plus some light brown/blonde highlights. My boys approve as well. I love that feeling of new hair on the first day. My head feels lighter, I feel lighter :-) However, the proof of the pudding is in the hair washing and drying. So, pictures below!

and my poor neglected blog! The summer has turned into summer and my writing has slipped. I am going to use November to catch up on my blogs - from Markus' birthday in August, to our summer holiday, our autumn holiday and into Christmas preparations. Watch out for out of date and sequence posts :-)