April 17th, 2017


Easter 2017

It's been a lovely long Easter Weekend. I played Easter Bunny at work and delivered some treats...

The boys and i went down to the lake, ther was a lot of jumping off rocks and wanting to paddle - *boys look wistfully out to the lake!*

And then we did some selfies
Trying to look "Serious"                                             Failing and Cracking Up                                         A lovely selfie!

And then the boys "helped" me bake some Easter Goodies
Markus Helped, Patrick Licked!

And then bitte sweet, we went for our traditional Sunday Easter lunch with our friends the Swetes! They're leaving soon and it's too sad.
It's hard being an ex-pat - you make friends, and then they leave you :-(
We met at a Monday playgroup when Markus and Hector were toddlers....and now look at them.

Hunting for eggs, showing off their bounty...

Examining their spoils...                                          Sofa time with the Dads