January 2nd, 2017


Markus at 7 years 1 month to 7 years 4 months (Months 85 - 88)

Markus has now settled well into his new school, has made friends, had some playdates and loves Hort. He plays football with any combination of Hort colleagues, but can also be found reading comics in the book corner! His teachers are happy with his progress and how he is settling in socially. He does his homework unaided and is generally a happy bunny. We've missed some swimming lessons, but will start back up again in a week or two.

He sings pop songs constantly, little snatches that he has picked up from school. He eats like a horse, is always hungry and always needs more food before bed. Finally putting on the weight. We think he's currently growing sideways, before the next growth spurt up. He is getting really good at chess and tactics, and really questions stories and films, trying to pick apart the narrative.

Speaks Swiss German to patrick and school friends, also when he is talking to himself. Some nice new Denglish phrases...

"Mummy, you're breaking my mind" (ie concentration)

Markus "Mummy, I am gummeling"
Me "What is gummeling?"
Markus "You know, gumele (ie rubbing pencil marks out with an eraser) - this is my own sprach"

Months 85, 86

Months 87, 88

Patrick at 5 years 2 months to 5 years 6 months (months 62-65)

Patrick is still constantly mistaken as Markus's twin - he constantly tries to keep up with Markus - running, playing football, creating lego, chess etc. He never gives up!

He likes Kindergarten and plays mostly with the older kids - he is desperate to learn, sounds, numbers etc. The staff have already noticed that his is a bit bored, so will try to challenge him more when he returns after Christmas. We have great conversations when I pick him up and walk home with him.

Language stuff
"I'll choose the book out" ie literally auswählen, select
"Markus, don't laugh me out"

Months 62, 63

Months 64, 65

My funny guys!

My boys are amazingly still willing to do our monthly photos. I have to let them do a few funny photos to let the chaos ann laughter out first! I give you today's samples below :-) As you can see, Patrick has learnt to cross his eyes and I have now officially turned into my Mother - "If the wind changes, you'll stay that way!" Only the soft toys were well behaved..


Christmas continued.... The Turner Horlachers come to stay....

My lovely friend Jane and family have moved back to Germany after 16 years in California and they visited us from Boxing Day to the 28th. It was so great to catch up. Lots of food and chats.

We took several walks round Zurich, firstly to Parapdeplatz and the Credit Suisse Christmas tree. Our children wanted to stay in the tree and be Christmas Elves! Also a trip up the Grossmünster to enjoy the views.

Then we did a lovely Uetliberg walk on the 27th - my normal route - all the kids incl. Patrick managed it (there was a fair bit of whinging though!). Then a lovely fondue in the Felsenegg restaurant, before the cable car back down.

On their last day, we went to the Lindenhof where the kids enjoyed the swings and the chess boards, then a walk through the old town in search of sausages...

After they left, we have been mostly getting up late, lazing around on the sofa, building lego & occassionally going outside for a walk or football. Perfect!

All Christmas photos here...